Sweet Treats

i told myself that i would try this–you know take a risk, put myself out there in a new way, do more of what i love, etc etc etc. so here goes nothing…

i’m going to start selling macaroons. well, let’s be clear. i am taking orders for my homemade macaroons (the ones whose recipe you will find on the blog) for Valentine’s Day. i will personally pour extra love into every one of these sweet treats and get them to you safe, sound, and on time for enjoying on February 14, 2013. thanks to the help of the lovely and talented leah webb, you will fine a very clear and easy to fill out form below. fill it out, send it in, and wonders abound…you will have sweet treats to share or hoard by Valentine’s day.

NOTE: you can download the order form here mac order form_lw (1). and email it or snail mail it once you’ve filled it out!

mac orde form_lw


3 thoughts on “Sweet Treats

  1. Judy, Chris and I just had the macaroons you made and they were and still are absolutely amazing!! I would highly recommend continuing your sweat treats and allowing orders to flow in!
    Your simple but elegant packaging is also remarkable!
    Keep up the good work!

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