gifts for your favorite foodie

it’s been a slow blogging month for me. not for lack of eating or cooking. more just lack of time. when i convinced myself that having a blog would be a good idea, i didn’t figure it would be quite this difficult. cooking and eating takes so much time–writing about cooking and photographing food takes even more time. that said, it’s the gift giving season and i am giving myself the gift of pause…to write about my favorite gifts for foodies (basically things that i love or would love…hint, hint!):

Fat Toad Farm Salted Bourbon Caramel
380332_10151299573612840_1264486850_nI just moved less than a mile from the Fat Toad Farm. Lilly hasn’t made nice with the goats but i have. WOW. This is Fat Toad’s newest caramel and it’s even more amazing than it sounds. smooth and rich and totally decedent. not sure what you would do with a jar of caramel? The Farm has a great repertoire of ideas (eating it by the spoonful is one of their suggestions).


Great for slicing carrots that don’t sink to the bottom of the salad bowl. perfect for potato and beet chips. onion rings, veggie slices for sandwiches and raps, tomatoes…and the list goes on! i love doing radishes on the mandoline. its a great kitchen addition–doesn’t take up much space and easy to clean.

HIC’s milk frother

by far the best $25 kitchen gadget i own. i love steamed milk in my coffee and tea. it makes the ordinary special and even more delish in my opinion. this stainless steal frother is dishwasher safe and can be be used on the stove top to warm milk, cream, etc. froths all types of milk/soy/almond milk, etc.

David’s Tea

like tea? know a tea drinker? this is the place for you. tea varieties are broken down into easy to brows categories on a very user friendly website. all teas are pictured so you get a great sense of ingredients. for each tea, david gives a suggested tea amount, water temperature and steep time for each tea.

what are your favorite foodie gifts–would love to hear what you’re asking for or giving this holiday season!

Adopt an Olive Tree
Nudo is an olive grove in Italy’s Le Marche. You can adopt one of their Italian olive trees and enjoy a year’s supply of premium Italian olive oil from your own tree. there are a number of varieties to chose from, with tasting notes so you can pick exactly what you want. and if you’ve every tasted olive oil from different parts of the world–it’s incredible how different soil type, climate, etc can change the taste of the oil.


With billions of food blogs and online recipe catalogs, what’s the point of a cookbook? for me, cookbooks still have a special place in my kitchen. i love dirty pages and margin notes with dates and trial and error info. i also have some of my grandmother’s cookbooks–with notes in her handwriting.  and while i don’t use many of the recipes, the cookbooks are history books from the kitchen. looking through her books i understand better why my mom cooked the way she did, how my family thought about food and meal time. i can’t help but think i will have someone who will see my cookbooks the same way. they might laugh about the dishes i found difficult or delicious. they might try a recipe that they wouldn’t have otherwise because my notes struck a cord with them. so that’s my pitch for cookbooks. what cookbook do i want this year? Bourchon Bakery by Thomas Keller. the book blends american and french baked good delights.

what are your favorite foodie gifts–would love to hear what you’re asking for or giving this holiday season!


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