does the perfect turkey exist?

i believe that i’ve had a number of turkeys that were near perfect. one time the turkey was brined, the other one was also brined. yes, i am sold on brining. especially if you are using a fresh, grass fed bird. it works…i would argue, every time. growing up i lived with a mom who (love you mom) always stressed out about the turkey, so naturally i too stressed out about my first turkey. if only i had known about chef instructor/food blogger Mary Risley. For all of you stressing about how to cook the perfect bird….buy wine!

and for those of you with time today to get your bird in a brine…i have used this brine recipe and i would argue (clearly feeling argumentative today), got a near perfect bird.


happy cooking and drinking!


2 thoughts on “does the perfect turkey exist?

  1. That video was hysterical! My approach to Thanksgiving includes lots of wine. But I will, thanks to her suggestion, be adding champaign to the morning festivities as well!

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