Grateful Harvest

Thanksgiving is one week away–hard to believe. i’m not cooking this year (i talk about that in a later blog) so i haven’t really been thinking about how close we really are to my favorite holiday. if you’re cooking, i’m sure you’ve ordered your turkey, picked your recipes, thought about your table dressings, etc.

i have been thinking about those who might not be celebrating thanksgiving like to usually do. i’ve been thinking a lot about people for whom food isn’t celebratory at all. i work at the Vermont Foodbank and today i spent some time looking for food shelves around Vermont that are providing turkeys to families in need this holiday. there are so many food shelves that are still in need of turkeys.

this thanksgiving consider giving a gift of food to someone/many who aren’t thinking about what they will eat–but are instead thinking about if they will eat. every little bit helps and here are a few really easy ways to do it:

1. donate to a food bank in your area. find a listing of food banks in every state at Feeding America. it takes just minutes to make an online donation. food banks have the incredible ability to turn just a few dollars in to several meals.

2. buy a 6-pack of Harpoon’s Grateful Harvest Ale.  For every 6-pack sold, Harpoon will donate $1 to New England food banks. Obviously you win too, because Harpoon beer is super tasty!

3. until the end of the year, Bank of America is matching donations to food banks as part of their Give a Meal program. Pick a food bank, make a donation, and Bank of America will match 2 to 1.  If you donate $10 and BofA donates $20 that’s $30 to help provide food for a family who might otherwise go without. Click here to make your donation.

i feel better already. it’s amazing what doing just a small act of kindness can do for the heart. consider making this thanksgiving as good for someone else as it will be for you!


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